the productive line and the logistics

“a whole inhouse cycle,
from design to delivery”

Two facilities sharing steps of the manufacturing process, at a short distance in the municipalities of Fiorano (5000 mq) and Frassinoro (1000 mq), allow for the whole production cycle to be managed inhouse. A further expansion in the municipality of Montefiorino (2500 mq)is in progress, planning to move the whole cutting and mounting department there by December 2015. The company definitely cares for itsworkplaces and operators.

A staff of people with more than ten years of experience is charged with the production. Professionalism, equipment and technologies are combined to ensure a complete and self-sufficient result,, from order entering to final delivery, even with large volumes and short timescales. The process is carefully managed with a schedule of accurate and precise checks in the diverse key steps, always in contact with the customer.

Our facilities can work with digital printing or silk-screen printing on several lines at the same time and include diverse processing and finishing steps where mixed products can be developed.

Finished products are completed with specific packages which can be customized upon request. Boxing is manual, with special care for transport and storage.

Detail of the digital printer

Production and logistics

Detail of the production line

Checks on the product

Another detail of the production area